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Free Web Browser Teleprompter

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

This week I ran across this cool tool that students can use when recording their podcasts or any other script. It helps students flow in their reading. As multimedia and podcasting continues to grow this tool will come in handy. You simply copy the text from the script, past it into the block and click the scroll button. It changes to full screen and the text rolls just like on a real news teleprompter. AND IT IS FREE! You can adjust the speed of scrolling, stop and start, and reverse during live scrolling. You can even do the mirror display if you are using real teleprompter equipment. It does all of this right in your web browser so no download or other software needed. AND IT IS FREE!
It will only take you about 30 seconds to copy and paste your text and have it scrolling, so swing by and give it a try. Leave a comment letting everyone know how you used it.


Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

This weeks Tech Tip is NetTrekker.  NetTrekker is a resource that our district provides for our teachers, staff and students.  We use NetTrekker because it is a safe way to insure that our students get good, reliable and safe information.  With NetTrekker, if you login through your schools library web page, your searches will be filtered through the state TEKS Standards.  Meaning – your search results will have true academic purposefulness. 

Here is a blurb from their web page, “Each resource is carefully selected by educators to ensure it is safe, age-appropriate and 100% academically relevant.”

I did a search on “Vitamins” and I learned something myself.  Did you know that lots of vitamin D can cause you to lose weight?  Here’s the catch, you lose the wait because too much Vitamin D can cause you to vomit.  Not the right way to loses wait!!  Anyway, I digress, so back on track.

Take the time to introduce NetTrekker to your students this week.  It is a resource that our district provides for you to keep your kids safe and on the right track with their research.  It’s an awesome tool!  The listings of uses of NetTrekker are too many to list here.  Take a look for yourself!

You can get to NetTrekker from your school’s library web page.  If you’re reading this post and you are not a part of RoundRock ISD schools, you can try NetTrekker free at

Keep up the good teaching with technology!!!

Side Note: Most web pages have links to other web pages.  These other web pages may or may not be safe, so I suggest you still do active monitoring during your computer times.  Leaving your students un-attended during computer time is not a safe practice anytime!