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Free WiFi at a Place Near You!

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

As you are getting ready for taking those summer trips you may be like me asking, “Can I check my email, twitter, blog posts, etc.?”  Some of you may even plan your entire vacation around checking your email.  (You may need to get some professional help for that!  😉 )  I’ve gathered a couple of resources for you to take a look at.  You can find locations in your areas with a broadband WiFi connection.  You can look up zip codes or click the maps to find a spot near you. 

Do you travel in an RV or with a camper trailer?  Search for RV parks with free WiFi using .

What to know what’s in your local area.  Click the maps at  to get a visual on where the WiFi Hotspots are at.  It takes a few seconds for the map to refresh with WiFi Locations so be patient.  I found out that my local McDonald’s has Free WiFi.  Now I know where to go when I need a connection. 

Another good resource is .

Enjoy your summer trips and post those pictures on your Flickr to share!

If you must have this meet some kind of educational purposes here you go:  You should use your free WiFi  HotSpot to blog, Flickr, or post your pictures on Google Earth for kicking off the new year with your students.  (Don’t forget to Tag)  You know, we all start the year by talking about what we did over the summer.  It’s a good ice breaker.  There’s your educational purpose! 😉 

Plan a Vacation to Teach Math Skills

Monday, May 5th, 2008

This week I was talking to a friend about going on their vacation this summer.  As a teacher I had two things going in my head.  One was, “I need a vacation.”  The other thought was, “How can I turn this into a real world learning experience for our students?”

Of course, came to my mind, but there are other sites as well that can be used. 

Have your students create a dream vacation.  They will need to plan for travel to and from the departing location, the plane fair, cruise, activities, hotel or condo, transportation while on location, food etc.  You can make this activity as extensive as you’d like.  This activity will help them review the math skills that you have already given them while applying them to real world situations. 

To expand the learning experience I would have my students:

1.       Budget  (money, charts and graphs)

2.       Plan an Itinerary Schedule (time line development, elapsed time, scheduling, and critical thinking)

3.       Map out events (maps)

4.       Use checklists to make sure they have thought of everything for their trip. (Google, travel checklist and you’ll get tons of them.)

5.       Have them write about their trip planning learning experience.

To extend their learning experiences have them break into travel groups and plan their entire vacation on a wiki! 

Enjoy and leave a comment letting me know how you plan to use this in your classroom.