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Flickr and the Library of Congress

Monday, February 9th, 2009

As a photographer I’m always on one the lookout for great photography. As an educator I’m always on the lookout for photography that captures a piece of history with great relevance that teachers can use in education. This week the Library of Congress added a Photostream Set of Abraham Lincoln. These are truly great photographs! You’ll find the entire Library of Congress’ Flickr Sets of over 5,000 pictures here. I’ve included the photo stream in my post below but I’m sure you’ll enjoy perusing the complete collection. You can subscribe in your RSS reader and get updates any time they add to their collection. Thanks Library of Congress, this is a great tool for education!!!

You can also find other great collections from the Worlds Public Photography Archives in the Flickr Commons at There you’ll find collections from the Smithsonian, Imperial War Museum, and the New York Public Library along with several others.

Be very careful here History Buffs, you can end up spending a lot of time here. I hope you find this resource useful for your classroom and instruction. Please, leave a comment letting me and others know how you’ve used this resource in your classroom. We can all learn from your experiences!

Educational PowerPoint Resources Galore!!!

Friday, January 9th, 2009

This week I was reminded of how powerful PowerPoint can be in the classroom if used correctly. So, I went back to one of my former blog posts to pull a resource for a teacher. Well, the link to my resource was dead. I spent a little time this morning reacquainting myself with some PowerPoint resources and found plenty to share. I love not having to re-invent the wheel. Below you will find links to a plethora of PowerPoint resources, templates, premade presentations and even tutorials. I hope you find the resources helpful. This one is LA but you can click on other subjects to get resources for them. Lots of great stuff here!


Free Resources

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

As a teacher I’ve always loved free resources. I have found several resources for you to use in your classroom. Some of these resources will actually send you products to use (free) and others are online (free). Check out each one to see how you can utilize and adapt it for your classroom.

I have used several of the items below in my own classroom, so they can be useful.


They provide Free Videos and printable resources for teaching. It is sponsored by major corporations. Look and see!

Early Grades K-3

Provides lessons, printable, and even some video lessons. This page is worth exploring!


This is a nice site for when you are dong lessons on farms, plants and environment. It provides everything from videos to lessons.

You can use this site for resources on food cycle, health, science and plants. Lots of games, printables and just good ol information.

Older Grades 3-5



This is a must see for our 5th grade teachers. Order your free CD for your class!!! It incorporates Math, Science, Social Studies, English  


I ordered this CD. It is awesome!

A wonderful place for science resources for all grade levels. GO GO GO!!!



On of the best yet!!! FREE educational comics for your students. Most of them offer up to 35 complementary copies. You can get other books as well. Some of the books only offer one complementary copy, and some are available only by download. It’s wonderful for those of you who will be studying money, history and/or government. 


I have ordered from this as well. Yes, it’s free.

I hope you find something that is useful for you!

Cross Curricular Activities

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

Now this one is cool! You can do all types of activities with this information. The information found at the web site is phenomenal. (Click on the “Search Database online” link.)

Math: Students can compare multiple Food products creating charts and graphs as they determine which compared food product is best for them.

Example: compare Cheese cracker, low sodium to Regular Cheese crackers

Students can work with percentages and decimals in real world situations, which can impact their eating habits.

Writing: Students can write reports about their findings and why they chose the one they did for which is best for them.


Students can write a persuasive paper to persuade others to eat one over the other of the compared foods.

Science: Students can evaluate their findings with the Scientific Process by creating a Hypothesis before they begin, about what they think they will find. If you have a question about the Scientific Process you can go here for more detailed info.

These are just ideas. I’m sure you can find many many more ways to use the information found one this site. The original site I started on is . It also has a plethora of resources for teaching health and nutrition. Maybe this will help students get a grasp on the importance of healthy eating and slow down the rate of childhood obesity.

Here is a sample of the data you will find.

Fish, tuna salad

New Search

Refuse: 0%

Scientific Name:

NDB No: 15128 (Nutrient values and weights are for edible portion)


Units 1.00 X 1 cup ——-


Water g 129.48
Energy kcal 383
Energy kj 1603
Protein g 32.88
Total lipid (fat) g 18.98
Ash g 4.39