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Free Web Browser Teleprompter

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

This week I ran across this cool tool that students can use when recording their podcasts or any other script. It helps students flow in their reading. As multimedia and podcasting continues to grow this tool will come in handy. You simply copy the text from the script, past it into the block and click the scroll button. It changes to full screen and the text rolls just like on a real news teleprompter. AND IT IS FREE! You can adjust the speed of scrolling, stop and start, and reverse during live scrolling. You can even do the mirror display if you are using real teleprompter equipment. It does all of this right in your web browser so no download or other software needed. AND IT IS FREE!
It will only take you about 30 seconds to copy and paste your text and have it scrolling, so swing by and give it a try. Leave a comment letting everyone know how you used it.

Online Voice Recording for Student Playback

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Sorry for the delay in posting, I’ve been extremely busy these past few weeks.

What an awesome tool !!  With this tool and a microphone your students can login onto your wiki or blog record their reading and play it back!  What K-2 teacher couldn’t use this?

It doesn’t save the recording in any location so you don’t have to worry about copy right issues.  The student simply clicks the record now button, reads his/her story into the mic and then presses stop.  The student can then listen to his recording as many times as he likes.  (just don’t close it)  Once the page is closed the recording is lost. 

Another option for use is having a student read for other students to listen or for a teacher to read and have students listen.  This is a great way for struggling readers to hear themselves or other quality readers to help them improve their reading skills. 

One librarian is using this as a library center .  What other ways can this be used?  Leave a comment and share your ideas for this tool.  Play with it over Thanksgiving break and see what you can come up with.

If you want to save the recordings then you’ll want to look at other options, but then you need to be careful with copyright issues. 

Online Flash Cards

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

This is one cool site. Teachers can make online flash cards for just about anything. That’s not even the cool part. The cool part is that this is web 2.0, meaning that teachers from all over the world are adding to it all the time. You have access to their flash cards and they will have access to yours. Any of them can be adjusted, changed, and refreshed online.


Cross Curricular Activities

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

Now this one is cool! You can do all types of activities with this information. The information found at the web site is phenomenal. (Click on the “Search Database online” link.)

Math: Students can compare multiple Food products creating charts and graphs as they determine which compared food product is best for them.

Example: compare Cheese cracker, low sodium to Regular Cheese crackers

Students can work with percentages and decimals in real world situations, which can impact their eating habits.

Writing: Students can write reports about their findings and why they chose the one they did for which is best for them.


Students can write a persuasive paper to persuade others to eat one over the other of the compared foods.

Science: Students can evaluate their findings with the Scientific Process by creating a Hypothesis before they begin, about what they think they will find. If you have a question about the Scientific Process you can go here for more detailed info.

These are just ideas. I’m sure you can find many many more ways to use the information found one this site. The original site I started on is . It also has a plethora of resources for teaching health and nutrition. Maybe this will help students get a grasp on the importance of healthy eating and slow down the rate of childhood obesity.

Here is a sample of the data you will find.

Fish, tuna salad

New Search

Refuse: 0%

Scientific Name:

NDB No: 15128 (Nutrient values and weights are for edible portion)


Units 1.00 X 1 cup ——-


Water g 129.48
Energy kcal 383
Energy kj 1603
Protein g 32.88
Total lipid (fat) g 18.98
Ash g 4.39