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Free Stock Footage for Your School’s Video Projects

Friday, March 30th, 2012

This week I was in the need for some stock video footage for our school’s morning news broadcast when I ran across  Stock Footage for Free has some phenomenal FREE stock footage that you can use for any purpose.  You will have to create an account, but that is free also.

The footage that they offer free is quality footage from several categories such as Animals, Looping Backgrounds, Sports, Holidays, and lots more.  They also offer some footage on DVD right now for shipping cost only.  It’s worth checking out.

Keep in mind that their goal is that you will like what you see and use for free and later return to buy some of their paid footage.  I for one think that is fair.  And knowing me, I probably will.  I like to support that kind of service.

Enjoy your videoing!  Leave a comment if you know of other places to get free stock video footage.

Free Software from Microsoft (for students and teachers)

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Yes, that’s right. Microsoft is giving away free software to students and teachers. Microsoft wants to encourage students to learn new skills in Web Design, Engineering, Math and Science using their developer tools. Some of the software they are giving away is Visual Studio Pro, Expression Studio(including expression web, expression design, expression blend, expression media), Visual Web Developer, Game Studio 3.0 and much more. They even have software for Robotics!

With the software that Microsoft is giving away, your students can learn to design web pages, build video games for the PC, XBOX, and Mobile Windows as well as write programs to kick off their futures. What student wouldn’t want to learn that?! Who knows, maybe they’ll end up on Dancing With the Stars tv show like Steve Wozniak the co founder of Apple Computers. (The man is genius but he sure can’t dance. lol)

Stop by to check out the details. Students and Teachers will need to provide proof of academic status before you are allowed to download. If your district or school is not listed you will need to have an account with It may take a few days to get your confirmation back from them once you provide your academic status proof, but it is well worth it to get several hundreds of dollars in free software. That’s less time than it would take if you ordered it and paid for it. It only took a picture of my school ID and two days to get my approval.

Here is an article and video by Chris Pirillo with more details.

What are you waiting for get on over to and read the details to get started with your free software. Your students will love you for giving them something for free!

Free Web Browser Teleprompter

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

This week I ran across this cool tool that students can use when recording their podcasts or any other script. It helps students flow in their reading. As multimedia and podcasting continues to grow this tool will come in handy. You simply copy the text from the script, past it into the block and click the scroll button. It changes to full screen and the text rolls just like on a real news teleprompter. AND IT IS FREE! You can adjust the speed of scrolling, stop and start, and reverse during live scrolling. You can even do the mirror display if you are using real teleprompter equipment. It does all of this right in your web browser so no download or other software needed. AND IT IS FREE!
It will only take you about 30 seconds to copy and paste your text and have it scrolling, so swing by and give it a try. Leave a comment letting everyone know how you used it.

Free Resources

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

As a teacher I’ve always loved free resources. I have found several resources for you to use in your classroom. Some of these resources will actually send you products to use (free) and others are online (free). Check out each one to see how you can utilize and adapt it for your classroom.

I have used several of the items below in my own classroom, so they can be useful.


They provide Free Videos and printable resources for teaching. It is sponsored by major corporations. Look and see!

Early Grades K-3

Provides lessons, printable, and even some video lessons. This page is worth exploring!


This is a nice site for when you are dong lessons on farms, plants and environment. It provides everything from videos to lessons.

You can use this site for resources on food cycle, health, science and plants. Lots of games, printables and just good ol information.

Older Grades 3-5



This is a must see for our 5th grade teachers. Order your free CD for your class!!! It incorporates Math, Science, Social Studies, English  


I ordered this CD. It is awesome!

A wonderful place for science resources for all grade levels. GO GO GO!!!



On of the best yet!!! FREE educational comics for your students. Most of them offer up to 35 complementary copies. You can get other books as well. Some of the books only offer one complementary copy, and some are available only by download. It’s wonderful for those of you who will be studying money, history and/or government. 


I have ordered from this as well. Yes, it’s free.

I hope you find something that is useful for you!