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Parent Newsletters in Email

Friday, August 29th, 2008

It’s that time of year where teachers start sending home newsletters.  It’s becoming more popular to send those newsletters home in email than on paper copies.  You know the whole save the trees thing.  I’m going to share with you three bad parts of this and then a resolve. 

Bad #1. Not every parent has the program or fonts that you used to create your nifty little newsletter.  When they get it they can’t open it or the fonts have turned to gibberish, so they can’t read it. 

Bad #2. If you send your news letter in the most popular format .doc then the parents can edit and make changes to your news letter.  (A good reason to keep your original on file!)

Bad #3. Again, if you use a .doc file parents are able to see all the little red and green squiggly lines.  Not that any of you make mistakes, but if you did it’s like BROADCASTING “there is a mistake here . .  . . hey hey look over here. . . I’m a mistake look at me!” 

Resolve. Use a converter and convert that .doc file into a .pdf file.  Anyone can read these.  If they don’t have the program to view the .pdf file they can download it for free.  You say, “What if they don’t have internet access?”  Well, good point!  If that’s the case, they can’t get their email.  So, you’ll want to print it for them and send it home.  😉  I know that was smarty wasn’t it.  Sorry! 

Here is an online converter that I have found to work perfectly with Word and Publisher files.  You simply brows for the file on your computer and click the convert button.  It automatically opens your new .pdf file.  All you need to do is save it.  Note:  Be sure to use the save button in the PDF area not the file save of Internet Explorer. 

I hope you find this tip helpful.  If you have other ideas about this please leave a comment so everyone can benefit.  Thanks for reading!

YouTube and TeacherTube on your iPod???

Monday, May 12th, 2008

This week’s post was prodded by a question asked in my PLN (personal learning network) last week. 

As time goes by, I think, we’ll be seeing more iPod use in the classroom.  The good part about that is that there is a lot of already generated content that you can use, borrow or beg from.  You can find great educational materials on YouTube, teachertube and other online streaming sources.  Don’t you wish you could get some of that material onto your iPods? 

Well, today I’m going to give you several tools that you can use to get the job done.

First is:  You just simply past the URL of the streaming video into the line and then download. 

Second is:  Past the URL and download your new file.  After download you’ll need to add “.flv” to the end of your file for it to work.

Thirdly is:  Same as above, copy and paste then download your new video.

There are more, but these are the ones that I’ve used and have worked.

Now all you have to do is import your video into your iTunes and send it to your iPod. 

(Note: Do not use copyrighted material.  You could get in trouble.)